Jun 16

Why A Monavie Replicated Website Is A Waste

Just like in every other network marketing company, you have to build a downline in Monavie. This is the only way to achieve success, and the company teaches every distributor how to make their downline explode. First of all they tell you to make a list of every person you know – do not miss out anyone, everyone deserve a chance when it comes to this fantastic opportunity. When you run out of people you know, start chasing every person that crosses your way. Show them Monavie, show them this great opportunity. When you have done this and followed the “Monavie System” you will for sure see your downline explode and experience success.

These techniques are certainly not bad – for the network marketing company, anyway. Only a few percent of the people who joins network marketing companies end up having success. I am talking about three percent or so. People quit, or they keep trying, the company couldn’t care less. Even though most people do not achieve success in network marketing, they pay a sign up cost, they find some customers and most also find a couple of new distributors providing the company with growth. This is all the company cares about, your success is not important for Monavie or any other network marketing company for that matter.

Your network marketing company does everything to convince you, that they want to see you succeed, and they offer you tools that will make it easier for you to achieve the success you want. Among these tools you find the replicated website. This is a great tool, right? It will make people come to you and beg you to show them this great opportunity… no! That is not the case. You have to pay for this replicated website each and every month, and if you are not making any money, it is a complete waste.

What you need, to grow your business is leads, and you are certainly not going to get any leads from your replicated website. Leads are what make your downline explode, not your family and friends. When you have targeted leads, you will suddenly be the solution to someone’s need or problem instead of an irritating family member or friend. Bugging your friends and family is a waste of time and a replicated website is a waste of your money.

Monavie has in some way caught your attention, but remember; it is not for everyone. Being in network marketing will be so much easier and more fun if information hungry people come to you instead of you having to chase your prospects. I am sure that you want your downline to explode, and therefore I am going to be very honest with you; replicated websites will not help you achieve success, not in Monavie and not in any other network marketing company.


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