Jul 13

Top 10 Tips To Get Repeat Website Traffic

Update your content frequently
Search engine does not like inactive website. Hence, frequent update on your website is crucial. Try to get new content at least once a week, as stagnant sites will be drop by some search engines.

Offer additional value to your readers
Try to avoid plain sales pitches in your site! Ensure you are offering additional value to your readers. Give them valuable, information and entertaining content; your readers will want to come back for more.

Build your opt-in option
Make sure you place a link on your website to invite your potential customers to opt-in to get an informative eBook, newsletter or valuable coupons. By doing this, you can constantly remind them about your website and products as and when you have new product launches or promotions.

Social book marking
Get a social book marking button on your page! So that your content will be shared easily.

Site recommendation
You may add a special ‘Recommend this site to a friend’ link so that the readers can email your website link. You may put up a prewritten title like “Thought you might be interested in this”, so just by clicking on it your content will be shared easily!

Brand your website
Make sure that you brand your website. The more unique your website is, the easier that your visitors will remember you. Use consistent colors, logos and slogans to ensure consistency. In addition, do not forget to provide a ‘Contact Us’ link on each page.

Private policy
You need to create a ‘Our Policies’ page to clearly states your philosophy and principles in your customer interaction. People want to ensure that their information is secure when visiting your site.

FAQ page
FAQ is important as this page will address most of the doubts and clarifications about your services or products that are very likely to be asked. This helps to resolve most of the customers doubts in their first visit to your site.

Keyword research
Make sure each page on your website must contain the right titles and keywords so that your readers can find their way back to your website if they navigate away or loose the bookmark from your site.

No spamming
Never spam your subscriber with unsolicited emails. If they have decided to ‘opt-out’ of the mailing list, make sure you honor their request. They may still come back if they like your products. But they will definitely not come back if you continue to flood their email box with mails they no longer wish to receive.


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