Mar 27

The Goals Of A Hoa Website

Does your HOA website keep you well informed?

The basic function of a HOA website is to keep the residents of the community well informed and updated with the latest news. One innovative idea of doing this is by maintaining an interactive calendar. It should also allow the administrator of a HOA website to elaborate in the upcoming events by inserting videos, photos and multi-media contents. Interactive maps can also be inserted to make it easy for residents to locate the place where an event in the community will be held which will arouse the interest and remove confusion.

Besides this, the calendar of the HOA website must allow home owners to add their content from the website calendar to their personal calendars, giving them an option of allowing addition of events or subscription to all events of the calendar. In this way the home owner can import the entire calendar events of the association to their personal calendars. These not only appeal to the aesthetic sense but also are highly functional.

Newsletters on HOA websites

For further information about your community, access to the digital copy of the latest newsletter can be availed of on HOA websites. It is important that you know what is happening in your community and what is being done by the association to improve your surroundings and environment. Besides, important notices are printed here. For example, if a water tank or road is being repaired you are informed of it. They also give you a chance of knowing about any local service or business established in your community for your benefit.

Newsletters also provide you a platform for voicing your opinion and letting off some steam if you are aggravated for some issue within your community. There are many elements in a HOA newsletter to give you an insight of how plans are being executed in your communities to keep you abreast of what is happening around you as well as you get to know about the future aspirations for the building of a better community.

The newsletter will further inform you of community activities like picnics, Christmas Parties, initiating of clubs, computer trainings, etc. You need to be aware of the by-laws of the association you live in and you can directly approach the board of directors to get a genuine problem resolved. In case you do not get what you expect from them, you have the option of taking legal action with the help of lawyers who are specialized in dealing with home owners association.


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