May 27

Professional Website Development Creating a Successful Portfolio

If you’ve decided to get involved in web design and development, irrespective of your current profession, sooner or later you’d need a portfolio where you can showcase your expertise. Many people wonder as to why to have a Website Development Portfolio? Is it that important? To answer the question, yes, creating a online portfolio is very important because most clients only believe what they see and your personal portfolio is the visual evidence for them to observe your expertise, personality and taste. Remember, a good portfolio site is extremely important as it can either build or break your career. If the design is bad, then it would simply annoy the potential clients and stop them from viewing your work. If you want to attract the potential clients, then you need to ensure that your portfolio is designed appropriately as per certain principles which would not only impress the clients but would also ensure their smooth user experience. >

Today, web development services India are in great demand, all the more important reason to create a quality portfolio.

Web Portfolio must contain your Best Work

It is meant to exemplify your skills and talents to potential employers. This is the only reason that you must show your best work in it and not samples of low quality work, if any. Say, if you’ve worked greatly on 3 sites then your portfolio must only have 3 sample sites. Use it as an opportunity to get more work and use only those projects where you have worked extensively.

What to Include in Portfolio?

Screen Shot of the Design: A screen shot is important to create interest, even if you’re highlighting the code you wrote. However, ensure that the screen shot is outstanding so much that it allures a web designing company in Pune.

Link to the Working Page: This can be the page live on the site it’s still on or better yet, a copy of the site on your own server. It’s significant, particularly if you’re highlighting dynamic elements or programming that you have a working copy.

Work Description and Your Role in Creating It: Many developers forget to include this in their portfolio. They often think that their work will speak for itself, however, it’s often hard to tell the specialty of a particular design just by glancing at it. Thus, mention everything you do in the portfolio.


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