Jun 27

Php Training In Kolkata

Why PHP Training?
Confused to choose either PHP or any other language for your future?

I have got many phone calls from DOEACC, B.E Students and other programming developers for learning php, asking me, is PHP secure for getting job as a fresher?

Here is my Answer to all visitors thoes having same questions in their mind.

This is the best option for any freshers, strugglers, students to get jump into IT field and earn good money.

All you need to learn PHP which is the simplest web scripting language in the world and any one can learn it very easily.

Just make sure you have basic knowledge with computers.

And for the Job prospect, this is the only chance to get a job as a fresher, rather than Java, Dot net, C or C++, hope you aware of this?

PHP Jobs in kolkata
PHP Scopes in terms of getting good php job in kolkata.

Once you learn PHP , you become php freshers, and you think it’s not easy to get job as a fresher(any stream), it is true when it comes to Java, C++, Visubal Basic or .Net programming etc, but you are lucky, it doesn’t happen with PHP Learning. There is lot of jobs opportunity available in kolkata for php freshers, even I provide jobs to php programmers who haven’t learn php from my institute and I never met him. it’s all through my website php programmers upload their resume and php companies search them on my website, and good thing is it’s All FREE.

So, what I think, you can get PHP JOB very easily, all you need to be strong in programming logics and confident enough to do a job, although PHP is very simple scripting language and one can learn it very easily.
Starting Salary as a PHP Developer is not so good, but the good thing is it increases oftenly, you will be getting good salary with in a year.

Live PHP Training Classes
Full time live project to enhance your skills.

Getting PHP jobs in kolkata has become more difficult, now a days there are many freshers who are looking for php jobs, and they are very nervous not getting any opening in PHP.

We recommend to get LIVE PROJECT experience to compete others to get a good job in php. We are not only a PHP Training Institute in kolkata but also a PHP development company (iCraft Solutions) in kolkata, provides full time PHP LIVE PROJECT experience to maximize chances for php jobs , as we beleive many companies asking for live project experience from freshers.

php jobs in kolkata


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