Aug 25

How To Handle Criticism Of Your Website Copywriting

Ask for specific examples

If your website copywriting has been deemed not good enough by your boss or client then you need to find out the exact areas of the copy that they have an issue with. For example, you need to ask whether its the tone of voice that youve adopted that isnt hitting the spot or maybe your copy has a number of grammatical and spelling errors or perhaps the message that youve communicated in the copy is incorrect. It can be tough to ask this question but unless you ask for specifics you wont be able to make any improvements to the copy so be brave and make sure that you listen and take lots of notes.

2) See it as a learning process
Looking at the brighter side of criticism can be tough when youre in the moment a phone call from an irate client or angry email from your boss is always going to hurt but try to take a moment and step back from the situation. Instead of letting the criticism get you down, use it as a way of improving your website copywriting. If youve been told you have issues with your spelling then create a list of words you often spell incorrectly or grammatical mistakes youve been pulled up on and refer to this as you create your copy. If youve been told that you havent clearly communicated what the company does then create a list of bullet points and unique selling points and get your superior to sign this off before you go back to amend the copy. If youve been told that the tone of voice that youve adopted isnt right then speak to your boss/team members or client and get together a check list of questions which cover what the company brand is and how they would like to be portrayed.

Make sure that you take the necessary time to create excellent pieces of website copywriting, if youve written a great piece of copy and proofread it so you know it is error free then you will be in a much better position to handle any criticism. If youre not sure whether the website copywriting that youve created is the best it can be then youll find it difficult to defend.


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