May 06

Best Ways To Unblock Websites With Proxies And More

Blocking websites can happen for any number of reasons. If you have encountered any of these situations, you’ve experienced website blocking:

– You can’t access a site because it can only be used within certain countries
– You have been banned from a forum or other membership site
– You’re in a school or office that restricts access to certain websites
– You live in a country where the government censors some websites

Best Ways to Unblock Websites

There are several ways to unblock websites. They typically involve changing either your IP address or changing the URL of the website you want to see.

Free Proxies – Using a proxy server will hide your real IP from the remote host you’re accessing. It works for example, if your normal IP gets banned from a forum and you need a new one. Free proxies come and go. Plus your school may ban them too.

Paid Proxies – If you have the money, you can invest in commercial anonymous surfing providers. It may cost you up to $99 a year. If you don’t know how to unblock websites with proxy servers, it’s easy. Just follow your proxy’s setup instructions. You’ll need to tweak your browser a little. If you use FireFox, you can get proxy plugins that will help.

VPNs – Virtual Private Networks have more security and encryption features than proxies. You can also use them for mail, chat and instant messaging, not just web surfing. If you find a VPN, check a review site like CNET or McAfee for virus and Trojan alerts.

Alternative URLs – One of the simplest ways to unblock websites is to use an alternative URL. If your school or office blocks a website, try to find out if it has another URL (i.e. another domain name) that may not be blacklisted.

Cached Pages – Google keeps a cached copy of most indexed pages. Search for your site and then clock on the cached page, not the site itself.

Translations – Free translation tools will return the page you want with a different URL, hence by passing the block.

Email – Try to email web pages to yourself. There are free services for this.

HTTPS – Sometimes you just need to change the http to https in the locator bar.

Disclaimer: We have suggested ways to unblock websites here just so you can inform yourself. Please use this info on how to unblock with proxy servers wisely. Don’t think you can do anything illegal with it. Even proxy services will comply with the law if someone gets a warrant to search their records. If you are a school or office administrator you can use this knowledge to adjust your policies as needed.


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