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ASP vs. PHP Which one is better

ASP and PHP are both popular programming languages which are used by programmers to develop dynamic graphical websites. Today most website developers are aware of the competition in the online arena and try to spice up their website more to attract users. It is therefore important to choose a programming language which can make a website more interactive and which can provide more flexibility so that they can be easily modified with the changing times. It is very hard to say which one amongst the two programming language is better as both of them have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

ASP is a Microsoft product and can be used together with Internet Information Server. PHP on the other hand can be used in conjunction with UNIX or servers running on Linux. The first thing to differentiate between both the languages is the price. If you use ASP you need to ensure it has IIS installed in a Windows platform server and it is not free, although not that expensive also. PHP on the other hand runs on Linux which is open source and therefore free for everyone to use. When we talk about database connectivity ASP uses MS-SQL which is expensive, while PHP uses My-SQL which is also a free application.

The next factor is speed and in this case PHP has an edge over ASP as it is faster due to COM Architecture on which it is based on. Moreover, PHP codes are simpler than ASP and it runs on its own memory space.

The next point you should consider is compatibility and in this case PHP is considered to be more convenient for programmers. This is because it can run on wide number of platforms including Linux, Windows, and UNIX. On the other hand ASP is compatible running only on the Windows platform but it can also be tweaked to suit the Linux operating system.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits PHP seems to score further as up gradation and a lot of other tools are available for PHP forums without you having to pay any price for it. Moreover, the developer community keeps on updating several new features into the system which you can avail for free.

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