Sep 26


After its inception the Internet was primarily static. Gradually though, it was felt that dynamic web pages were necessary, which could be easily updated from time to time. Microsoft began working on a platform and initially released ASP, short for Active Server Pages in 1997. Gradually, after the release of ASP, dynamic web applications started to become more complex.

In the year 2000 Microsoft first came up with the .NET framework, a platform that allowed for the development of complex and dynamic web application tools easily. ASP.NET is a completely new and re-engineered version of ASP. It can hook up customers, business, partners and employees in one circuit by the usage of the web services. Development through ASP.NET is based on the usage of several different programming languages like VB and C#.

The primary function of the ASP.NET technology revolves around the execution of a user request at the server and database level. With ASP.NET the browser can send a HTTP GET or HTTP POST request to the server; and the server in turn sends in the responses. The main advantages of learning Microsoft’s ASP.Net (Active Server Pages) are: ?Optimum speed of developments ? High reliability ?Supports various languages ?Rigorous security ?Huge and enriched in controls, library and features ?Easy forms of applications ? Hooked in one circuit, like your customers and partners in one platform ?Can appear update information on internet browsers, desktop application or even in your mobile ASP.Net has unlimited scope of success. Our institute offers ASP.Net with live international projects in Kolkata. The institute also provide services such as web-site designing, e-commerce software development and gives training on various software languages including ASP.Net and provides 100% placement with live international projects. There is a big advantage of choosing our organization (Karmic Solution). You will have the opportunity to access the expertise of professional engineers. Our aim is to construct resources that assist those who want to make use of ASP.NET. We have manuals, and tutorials; and also provide various types of materials to help the new comer or the beginner in ASP.NET. To know more about Web Design course in Kolkata offered by karmickInstitute, please visit url. .


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