Jul 29

A New Website For Fussy Hotel Guest!

I remember one scoccer world cup event several years ago and I was planning to go on a vaction in Malaysia. And guess what? I needed a hotel that has cable TV or satelite TV, whatever you called it. So I had to use all my internet savyness and tracked down all the hotels in Kuala Lumpur who has cable TV. To my surprise! Information on this was no where to be found on the individual hotel websites. Undetered, I had to pick up the phone and called up the hotel customer service one by one.

After about 30 calls and 30 “no” answers, I finally found a hotel with cable TV services. I was overjoyed! But that got me thinking, can’t the hotels put up such important information about their hotels so that potential guest can find them easily instead of having to call their customer service? It’s bad way to conduct busiess and not the most efficient way to use hotel resources.

Now, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if there is a website I can use to search for facilities I need and the hotels which provide it? It should all be listed out clearly by hotel regions, countries and cities. With a click, users will be able to find out which are the hotels in a destination that have spa, gym, fitness centre, wireless lan, internet connection, allow dogs in their properties, have family rooms, have conference rooms, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, have facilities for the disabled, have restaurants, have smoking rooms and have parking facilities. You can also search for hotels by their star ratings.

What if I tell you that someone has already came up with a website like this? Wouldn’t it help you a lot the next time you go on a vacation? So without further ado, let me introduce you to Hotel Fussy, a website catering to fussy hotel guests.

Check it out at the following URL:

Like they put it in their website slogan, “We know what’s the fuss!”.Happy searching for hotels the next time you go on a holiday!


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