May 13

A comparison between ASP NET and PHP

PHP and ASP.NET are the mainstay in the web development world. People are using them extensively in their websites to have a dynamic and real time experience for their users. Where PHP is an open source available across the internet without any cost. .NET is a Microsoft product that has to be bought from Microsoft. All good things don’t come free thus a few plug-ins and add-ons in PHP are paid which give PHP a lot of power and dynamism.

To start in PHP you don’t have to purchase anything and can start free of cost whereas in .NET you have to purchase Visual Studio, IIS, Microsoft Server to get started. At the end of day when you compare the costs of both you will find to have the full benefits of PHP the cost will eventually run more than that of ASP.NET. The only difference is that you will spend in lump sum initially for ASP.NET and for PHP the money will go out in installments as you buy more and more add-ons and plug-ins.

As per feedback and market analysis from all across the world .NET is considered the most safe platform for developing websites especially Ecommerce websites which experience a high rate of exchange of money and monetary products and services.

One can easily make use of Dynamic Link Library and use it in future for similar applications without much coding which is not rally possible in PHP.

PHP does not come with any templating system. While you can simply include portions of your template, it isn’t as powerful as ASP’s built in MasterPages. You can use templating systems for PHP from third parties, but it is yet another addon that you will be required to get.

.NET incorporates the power of WCF (Windows Communication Platform), Web Services, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) assembly which makes programming really fast and secure. This all is not really possible in PHP which makes programming and coding a cumbersome task.

Thus saving a few dollars at the cost of the functionality and security of your website is not at all justified as the stakes are high and you may ruin your chances on the World Wide Web.

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